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Aug 10, 2018 at 08:32 AM

Planning Category



We are having some doubts when it comes to analizing the information of our internal and customer projects.

We plan our project, and when 'in execution' stage is set, the baseline is created. This data can be reviewed in any 'plan/actual' report by selecting the PRO01 category planning:

PRO01 Planning Category.jpg

We change the information in the project, and we can see the modifications done comparing the current planning to the Baseline Version:

Project - Baseline vs current.jpg

But, when trying to check the current plan / revenue data on the plan/actual report, we do not find any category planning showing any information apart from the PRO01 one:

21-06-2018 18-14-18.jpg

We have tried every Planning Category available but the message is always the same.

We have check the SSCUI 101970, but does not have much information.


And in some other reports we do see the current planning:


Do you know if we have to perform any program, or define further configuration?

Thank you in advance,