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Aug 10, 2018 at 08:31 AM

New fields on journal upload template: 1808


Has anyone else noticed that the documentation has changed here: and there are now all sorts of COPA segment fields that you can add to the journal upload.

I am assuming that this is new 1808 documentation - though interestingly, I saw no mention about this in the 1808 early release notes (odd, when it is potentially such a useful addition).

I did try to use some of the new fields - and funnily enough they don't work - assume we will have to wait for 1808 to try it our properly.

Can anyone from SAP please comment - is there new journal load to COPA functionality being delivered in 1808?

We urgently need this functionality, so it would be really useful to understand if it is coming rather than having to go through a costly and time consuming bespoke development.

Does anyone else think that the documentation amount new releases is a bit thin (to say the least)?