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Aug 10, 2018 at 08:31 AM

Request on value contract


Hello community

Have tow requests for you, and thanks in advance for responding:

First : I would like to set a flow , with value contract and non stock material ,

  1. Value contract (VC01)
  2. Sales order (OR)
  3. Delivery ( without GI) ( LF/TAX)
  4. Billing document (F2)

  • When I tried to use the non stock material with item category group : NLAG è error when creating the value contract : No item category available (Table T184 VC01 NLAG )
  • When I changed item category group to NORM è I have an item category (TAN) , that I can’t invoice without GI ( I don’t want a GI , because it’s a non stock material) ( can’t customize item category )

Can any one have a suggestion, I already send a message to SAP to have the table T184 ( but didn’t had a response yet)

Second : I would like to use a value contract with a billing plan.

Thank you for your help