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Aug 10, 2018 at 08:30 AM

Valuation Price not copied to Purchase Order


We are following the best practice scope item 18J for procurement.

I have created a Purchase requisition via App 'Create Purchase Requisitions' and the next step for us is to
convert this Purchase requisition in ot a real Purchase Order, we do this via App "Manage Purchase Requisitions"
In the Purchase Requisition we create we enter a valuation price of 10.00 Eur, but when the Purchase Order is created
this is not used, we get an error message like 'net price 0.00 not allowed'.

If we have a purchase info record for the supplier and vendor combination everything is fine the value is taken from the PIR.
In our business due to frequency of change we do not have info records in many cases.
Why does the valuation price maintained in the Purchase requisition not get copied Purchase order?