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Jan 28, 2021 at 03:14 PM

Pick and pack for serial numbers with Bins enabled


Have you come across a scenario as below?

Requirement to enable Bins, Serials need to be selected when the products are picked not when the pick list is created or during sales delivery.

If the products issue method is by serial number, then the system is prompting which serial numbers to allocate to the pick list during the pick list generation itself.

If the issue method is bin location, then the is prompting which serial numbers to allocate during the delivery not at the picking.

The expected mechanism is to create the pick list then take a pick list, which would direct to the 1st BIN location with bins on, then record which serial numbers were picked (recorded real time or by the handheld scanner). Then create the delivery. This must be common in many businesses. Am I missing any setting here? This can be achieved via WMS but how to handle this in Standard SAP once the bins are enabled?