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Jan 28, 2021 at 11:52 AM

IDoc for outbound in combined shipments


Hello dear colleagues,

The situation is: when outbound TU is completed I can not see IDoc in WE09

More details: We have a situation when two TU are assigned to one vehicle. One of then is outbound and second is inbound. When we receive this shipment from ERP we also receive IDoc for both of these TU's. These TU's are connected: when outbound TU is activated manually the same happens with inbound TU automatically - the same with all yard movements and depature from warehouse. When outbound TU is completed I see outbound IDoc only for Inbound TU, but I don't see it for Oubound.

For searching for IDoc I use WE09 (field TKNUM)

Do you have any ideas what can be possible reason? Could you please share it with me

Thank you