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Jan 28, 2021 at 10:20 AM

SAP Hybris & Sabrix Integration


Hi Experts,
I am using Sabrix as the source for tax integration with Hybris. I am looking for a sample request with commodity code for a simple web service. Below is some of the information from the SABRIX document.

The commodity code can be maintained on the item master in the financial system. For the Enterprise Web Service, the commodity code value is passed in the <COMMODITY_CODE> element. The <COMMODITY_CODE> element is not available in the Simple Web Service. As a work-around, the value can be mapped and passed in a user attribute. A TransEditor is then created in Determination to use this user attribute as a commodity code. For more information on user attributes and TransEditors, see User Attribute Container or contact the implementation consultant. Alternatively, the Product Tax Code functionality can be used to determine item taxability.

The UserAttributeContainer is made up of two fields; Key and Value. There can be multiple instances of the UserAttributeContainer indicated by the collection UserAttributes. At this time, the SimpleTaxService limits the number of attributes to 5. The sample code below shows what a collection of two user attributes would look like:

<Attributes> <UserAttributeContainer> <UserAttributes> <Key>1</Key> <Value>One</Value> </UserAttributes> <UserAttributes> <Key>2</Key> <Value>Two</Value> </UserAttributes> </UserAttributeContainer> </Attributes>

Problem :
I am not sure how to use commodity code and pass it in the request for SABRIX. What are these key values and how will SABRIX identify the key is for commodity code? Or is there any other way to send commodity code?

Could you please help me on how to achieve this.

Thanks In Advance,
Rakesh Babu