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Jan 27, 2021 at 05:10 PM

Making a piece of your SAP BOE 4.2 solution public facing


I have a client that is looking at investing in SAP BOE 4.2 as their business intelligence solution. One of the requirements they have is to make a small, restricted, and limited section of the product public facing. This client wants to have a subset of their data available to the public in a public facing web portal so that anyone can do some pretty basic viewing and dissecting of the data in a WebIntelligence like interface (think something like a webpage with a few COVID reports that can be filtered or drilled on charts and graphs - no editing read only).

There is a strict division between what is available to the internal team / company and what would be available to external users.

Has anyone implemented something like this already? Is there a product in SAP that is an add on component to the standard SAP BOE enterprise that can do this? Is there something in BOE that can do this? I am not entirely sure how to frame the question correctly to find an answer so the results I do find are not this particular problem, but it may be something I am overlooking. Thank you in advance for your input