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Jan 27, 2021 at 04:13 PM

Issues with Asset Manager


Hi all,

We are trying to do a POC on the SAP Asset Manager.

1. We have a cloud foundry end point and are following the Asset Manager Document Version: 2010 – 2020-12-10 for all the configs.

2. Created a Mobile Application on SCPms and tried to scan it on the Asset Manager app from the appstore

3. I am getting an error as below:

Retrieve metadata failed because the OData server returned HTTP code, 404, with message: Failed to find a matched endpoint

There is a warning as well:

The incoming path /DEST_SAM2010_PPROP/$metadata is not mapped to a Destination. Rejecting the request with 404 (not found).

Can you guys please help in directing me towards what the issue could be.