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Jan 27, 2021 at 05:29 PM

Accounting Entries in STO


Hi All,

Can you please specify the accounting entries for the below STO process?

To my knowledge there are 5 types of STO.

a) One Step without PO (Movement Type : 301::: A/C entries depends on price of material:::BSX and AUM are involved)

b) Two Step without PO ( Here we are issuing through 303 and receiving through 305)

c) With PO without delivery ( Here we are issuing through 351 and receiving through 101)

d) Intra Company(With PO with Delivery) Movement Type 641 and 647

e) Inter Company With PO with delivery with Billing Movement type 643 and 645)

Please correct me if I am wrong and Please explain with the significance of Movement Type incase of Intra and Inter STO

Please help me in understanding the different STO processes with accounting entries.

Thanks a lot in Advance.