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Jan 26, 2021 at 09:12 AM

Destination configuration issue when connecting to Azure API using Oauth2


Hi All,

In SAPUI5 application I am consuming REST services exposed from MS Azure and protected by Oauth2.

This is how it works in Postman


and POST body as form-data:

Grant type: client_credentials

client_id: xxxxxxxx

client_secret: *********

resource: yyyyyyyyyyyy

I receive a token, with proper resource in it. Then all API calls with this token work just fine.

Unfortunately in SCP NEO things get complicated. I have created destination with Authentication OAuth2ClientCredentials, given url, client_id, client_secret. When I use this destination to call API I get error, that audience is not set (some default value is used), and this is because I can't send "resource" parameter. Exactly the same effect is in Postman when I remove it before requesting the token.

Currently I have implemented two phase process - first I use one destination to retrieve token by POST operation. Here I could add additional property "" and I get proper token (this property doesn't work in previously described destination config), then I use this token while calling API. Although credentials are protected, token itself is obviously exposed in all browser operations, which I would like to avoid.

Is there any option to configure one destination as it should be, and pass this "resource" parameter to Azure to get proper token?

Thanks in advance,