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Jan 25, 2021 at 01:02 PM

Long Runtime to transfer data from SAP HANA to SAP TM through XSJS call


Hi all,

Currently, we have the Transportation Carrier Rates stored in HANA. In order to perform Carrier selection in SAP TM(Transportation Management), we first make a call to SAP HANA to get the rates, by creating SM59 HTTP destination in TM and then performing GET and POST call as explained in the below blog.

We basically use an XSJS service , which will call a Stored Procedure, which will have a few internal tables as input, and return internal tables containing Rate Records as output. Due to huge volume of rate records in HANA (Millions of data) to be processed to finalize the eligible records to be sent back to TM, we are currently measuring the runtimes.

Currently, it is taking about 3secs (on an average) for Stored Procedure execution, but it is taking an additional 4-5 seconds for transferring the final internal table data (containing abt 40-50 rate records) from Stored Procedure back to XSJS and back to TM. The entire POST call method in ABAP system(TM) is taking about 7-8 seconds , which is longer than expected.

Why it should take 4-5 seconds to transfer the final set of data back to destination system ?

The sample Stored Procedure signature looks like this.


Sample XSJS looks like this.


I have changed the schema name and other object names in the above text files.

Is there anything that can be done to minimise the time taken to transfer the records from HANA

back to the destination system ?