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Jan 25, 2021 at 09:06 AM

SD Billing Output via Mail


Hi Guys,

I hope you can help with following issue as I need to send invoices via email. This is not really a big issues. I do all settings and it works as expected.

My problem now is the following:

Before we start with the idea to sent invoices via mail, all invoices were printed. For this print solution we use an output type with a access strategie "SALES ORAGNISATION / BILLINGTYPE".

I created a new output type for my mail output with a access strategie "SALES ORAGNISATION / BILLINGTYPE / CUSTOMERNUMBER".

This new output type I added to the Output Determination Procedure at the first place. and I set the EXKLUSIV flag to my access strategie.

My assumption now is, the invoice will be created, if SAP find a record with "SALES ORAGNISATION / BILLINGTYPE / CUSTOMERNUMBER" my new output ´type MAIL will be found and procest via mail.

In real life SAP founds my new one and the old one. But I don´t want both, if SAP found a MAIL access I only want to send the mail.

To add to the "old" one also a access sequence with the customer number, is not a good idea for me. If someone forgott to add the MAIL access, a print document is still generated.

Does anyone have an idea?

Best regards