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Jan 24, 2021 at 03:50 PM

Sending PO Attachments Originating from ECC/ERP to AN Supplier on an Ariba P2O Implementation


Hi everyone,

Has anyone of you implemented a solution where on an Ariba P2O implementation attachments for POs can also come from ERP side and sent to the AN Supplier?

Our client generates an "invoice plan" for certain POs generated whether PO is generated through Commerce Automation or P2O. Our ECC team uses the OrderRequest CIG doc/transaction to send this generated attachment from ERP to AN Supplier for Commerce Automation. They tinkered for our P2O implementation by triggering OrderRequest as well however, we just see the document on 'COMPLETED' status in CIG but does not reflect the attachment on the PO in AN. Hope to hear for any similar implementation or pointers we need to check to make it work (if really possible).