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Jan 24, 2021 at 11:15 AM

SLD failed connect - SAP B1 10


Hi All

I'm trying to install SAP B1 10 trial version on SQL 2008 database. The installation goes fine throughout the process but in the end when I run B1 client to log in it failed. When I enter B1SiteUser login id and password the following error appears "The SLD service is not successfully initialized, please check log for detail."

I have three points need to be cleared:

1. Does SQL server 2008 support version 10?

2 By resolving the SLD issue will I have a trial version option? as I did not see any trial option throughout the installation wizard.

3. How SLD issue can be resolved, very specifically if anyone can come with to help? I have gone through many referecnes but could not resolve the problem.

Thanks in advance.