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Jan 22, 2021 at 03:48 PM

Lookup from another report

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Hi, I’m a bit of a newb here so apologies if my terminology is wrong!

I work on a chemotherapy ward and we use crystal to do all our reporting from an e-prescribing database. Each chemo course (regime) contains a specific set of drugs from our prescribing DB two of which can lead to a particular reaction in certain patients with a specific gene marker - so we want to test every patient who is due to start on a course of chemo containing these drugs.

We currently have an automated report that runs every day showing all new patients who have had chemo prescribed and who are due for their first cycle of chemo. The report is comprised of patient ID plus their regime, the date they are due to start and it also includes a field informed by an If-then-else statement to show whether or not a patient will need testing for the gene variant (if {regime.regime} = [“X”, “Y”,” “Z”] then “Test” else “No test”) . This report is then emailed to the secretaries to arrange the test for the patient if required

The If-then-else formula currently comprises of 130 regimes and many of these regime names are similar (eg 5FU c1, 5FU c>1). Quite apart from the fact that the formula it looks ungainly (!), I am concerned that as we change our regimens with regional and national guidelines, the regimes named in the formula may change, be archived or new ones added added meaning that we would have to constantly monitor the regimes in the formula and keep updating this manually.

I was wondering whether or not I could use another report (one which returns all named courses that use either of the two drugs in question) as a lookup? If this is possible, how would I start going about it?

Apologies if this hgas beenasked but as I say I am a bit new to this and not sure even what serach terms to use!

Thanks in advance for your help