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Jan 22, 2021 at 03:39 PM

Removing negative values

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a.png. I see negative values in “years and months”.

I’m trying to create a “if” condition which does the following:

  1. When “years” and “months” both goes into negative values, “remaining life” should become “0”
  2. If only “months” go negative, “months” should be subtracted from “years” and displayed.
  • For ex: 1 years and -4 months is shown in report. It should become 0 years and 8 months( i.e. 1 year -4 months = 8 months).

And, I am trying to put the if condition to remove negative values along with the condition in which I calculated remaining life(from two tables). I have attached the calculated column screenshot. vbvbvb.png

Any suggestions on this would be helpful.


a.png (41.6 kB)
vbvbvb.png (44.3 kB)