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Jan 21, 2021 at 01:55 PM

OC/ASN not routed to CIG


Hi Team,

We are integrating S/4HANACloud with DSN (Scope item 42K). All configurations have been completed in S/4, CIG and AN Buyer as per the documentation and we are successfully able to send PO and GR to a Test Supplier account on AN.

However, OC and ASN created by the supplier are only reaching the AN Buyer account and not being sent over to CIG. There are no messages in the History tab of these documents on AN Buyer. The cXML payload has the correct SystemID (i.e. the S/4 SystemID as configured on AN Buyer) and the CIG endpoint. There is no trace of these documents in the CIG Document tracker as well.

SystemID and Endpoints have been setup correctly ( as explained in DSN - System ID and End Point Configuration - SAP Q&A). Any help would be appreciated.