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Jan 21, 2021 at 10:28 AM

How to build : OData service build from CDS Views (SADL) with several root entities


Hi all,

I'm building OData Service from CDS Views using SADL. So I'm using Data Model => Reference => Data Source

to convert CDS views with association into entities.

Let's assume for simplification that I've build my CDS view on T005 (countries).

So I've got my entities related to countries.

But I want to add entities around Units of Measurement (T006) which as nothing to do with countries.

I can't extend my CDS View and make an association on country to unit. This as no sens and no field for create the association.

I can't add a new data source reference as Data Model => Reference => Data Source is gray.

How could I add several CDS View on a single OData Service with all advantage of SADL (which handle all read operation : association included).

Thanks in advance as my search do not succeed at all