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Jan 21, 2021 at 08:46 AM

Want to enahance standard odata service /MRSS/RM_FIORI_PROJECT.


Hi Team,

Hope you all are doing well.I need your suggestion on enhancing the standard odata service /MRSS/RM_FIORI_PROJECT.CPM resource management .

I have a requirement to add three new fields to this odata service ,but the problem is there is no standard structure to enhance.So i have enhanced the entity type declaration to add the custom field .But even after enahancing the fields and adding those fields to the entity . I am getting the below errors.

"Data loss occurred when converting PAPLCB"entity.jpgc2.jpgc2.jpg


entity.jpg (105.3 kB)
c2.jpg (72.7 kB)
c2.jpg (72.7 kB)