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Jan 21, 2021 at 06:56 AM

Opening manifest.appdescr_variant with SAPUI5 Visual Editor fails with : Request failed


Hello SAP BAS Team,

I've created an Adaptation Project in BAS. When I now try to open the SAPUI5 Visual Editor by doing a right-click on webapp/manifest.appdescr_variant I get the following error message:

"An error has occurred: Error: Request failed: error URI: /destinations//sap/bc/lrep/actions/getcsrftoken/"

I've checked that the lrep endpoint is active in the Backend Transaction SICF:

Also I can create a new Fiori Elements Application with the same backend without any issues and see the available OData Services:

In the workshop yesterday opening the SAPUI5 Visual Editor still worked at least when the Adaptation Project was created for the Manage Product Master app (mdm.cmd.product.maintain). For the Classify Products - Commodity Codes app (fcg.sll.prodcmdtycd.clsfys1) it failed already yesterday but with another error message:

I wanted to file this issue today, but it seems the other issue has to be solved first.

Best regards