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Jan 21, 2021 at 01:12 AM

CO09 - Very strange issue


Hello Experts,

I need your help with a very strange issue. I ran CO09 for a material and it shows me ATP qty is 75 and end of lead time is next week per the settings in Material Master so this is correct.

Now something very interesting happened - User called me saying that he is seeing only 48 units as available for this particular material. He shared his screen and showed that he is seeing 48 in CO09. One thing I noticed is that the end of lead time was not calculated correctly for him in CO09 so system did not consider a delivery of 27 units which has been created with next week date but that showed up for me.

I have never seen such an issue before where the ATP qty is changing based on User ID. I compared his user profile with mine and there was nothing different that would impact ATP calculation. I know what I am seeing in CO09 is correct but how can I get the same qty for user as well?