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Jan 20, 2021 at 10:57 AM

CRM WEB channel - new document kind does not appear within corresponding TREX Index


Guys and gals,

Im currently hanging on a new CRM Web channel task requirement, maybe someone could point me into the right direction. My requirement is in fact quite simple: to add some new document kinds, URL's and pictures to be specific, so these can be read and used in j2ee shop front end, to cover some special customer neeeds within the shop.

So I customized a new document kind (Z_URL_AND) and maintained it for an arbitrary article within the CRM shop by use of WUI_SSO:

Afterwards I have started a new initial trex replication, strongly assuming the new document kind will be transformed to the appropriate TREX index (COMM_PCAT_IMS_INIT). The initial product cat replication ran through well, anything was green. Indeed, by use of TREX admin resp the search functionality within this transaction, I can see Im still missing the new property within corresponding index:

Indeed, I can see some custom properties / documents (DOC_P_Z....) obviously maintained by somebody else in the past. So at the end it seems Im missing my own new document kind within the index.

I ran through SAP help, but didnt found any clues I need to add those manually to the TREX, neither how I could do it at all. Im strongly assuming Im missing some CRM Web channel expertise here and asked my CRM colleagues, but they werent able to answer my question. Could anybody give me a hint here? Thanks,