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Jan 20, 2021 at 09:33 AM

SAM: Creating subclasses of superclasses that area subclass of /MFND/CL_CORE_OMDO_HNDLER_BASE


Hi experts,

I have to implement SAP Asset Manager 2010 in 7 companies of which 2 also have ISU. In the ISU case, all the custom fields in the order were modeled as classes and its characteristic values in the configurable Service Product (KMAT). Many of them are empty when the order is created and must be updated in SAP Asset Manager.
So I have to enhance the classification system in the application, as it is only for equipment and technical locations in the standard app.

In the configuration guide says that all the OMDO control programs must be a subclass of /MFND/CL_CORE_OMDO_HNDLER_BASE class.

I am wondering if creating subclass of an already existing subclass of /MFND/CL_CORE_OMDO_HNDLER_BASE might work. For example:

Creating a subclass of /MERP/CL_MM_MATERIAL_OD to enhance it with similar methods like "GET_EQUIP_CLASSES", "GET_EQUIP_CHARVALUES", etc, that already exist in subclass /MERP/CL_PM_EQUIPMENT.
This new subclass could replace the standard one in the material OMDO or I would create a Z omdo.

Another model I am thinking of is creating a subclass of /MERP/CL_PM_WORKORDER_OD and enhance the model upon "MyWorkOrderSales" entity. I still would have to add methods to extract the clasification.

Is this possible? Is this a good starting point?

Thanks in advance!