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Jan 20, 2021 at 06:45 AM

Update HU header data os existing HUs after Master Data in ERP has changed


Hy experts,

We have the situation that master data of packaging material has been maintained not correctly and 5000+ HU (fixed boxes) are already created in EWM. The packing volume is to small etc.. so the master data in ERP is maintained. Existing HUs do not change after master data correction (which is standard of course).

Now - how can we update the HUs without deleting them? I know there is a correction possibility in in the check monitor which is based on Zrecalculate_capa but this does not seem to fetch the master data and actually update it.

The report Zrecalculate_capa should do it according to a post but the note for it is not available anymore (Somebody maybe has it?).

So far I can only think of build a program which does a table update on /SCWM/HU_HDR table to correct it.

Any suggestions?