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Jan 19, 2021 at 08:12 PM

Issue with Spartacus Storefront Setup


Hi Team,

Currently I have Setup Spartacus Storefront with SAP Commerce 2005 Patch Level 6 on Local with a B2C generated accelerator in other words I have used ant modulegen to generate a new Storefront using yaccelerator template.

I am able to see the Electronic store up and running successfully on both JSP storefront and on Spartacus as well.

Now I am trying to create a new custom commerce webservice extension using the ycommercewebservice template. The problem I am facing is during Server Startup. The issue appears to stem out from cmsocc extension. Internally cmsocc has dependency on commercewebservices extension. As both ycommercewebservices and commercewebservice extension being one and the same the EHCache is facing some problem because of this. The Error log is attached with this Query for more details.

The other way I can think of resolving this issue temporarily is by cloning cmsocc extension and replace the dependency from commercewebservices to my custom extension which is generated using ycommercewebservices template but not sure if this is the right way to resolve the Issue or will this even workout in the first place.


error-log.txt (25.5 kB)