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Jan 19, 2021 at 02:07 PM

Standard Compensation Package in Hire/Rehire Wizard


Hi everyone,

my business need is to provide a standardised set of Pay Components, based on their Job Information, in the Hire Wizard, meaning that, once the hirer has filled the Job Information in and moves to the Compensation Information portlet, it should already be pre-filled with a set of Pay Components.

I built a Business Rule with Base Object: Employee Information (so it is able to act on Hire/Rehire Wizard) that, according to my Job Information, Creates the Pay Component I need in the path Employee Information.Compensation Information.Compensation; then I triggered the Business Rule with the onInit event of compInfo.

Although the Business Rule Execution Log says "Created 'HireActionBean.compInfo.payComponentRecurring' successfully!", I actually see nothing from UI! Can anybody spot what I did wrong?

Thank you very much.