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Jan 19, 2021 at 09:44 AM

MDK- Client Login ( language and update confirm )


Hello MDK- Team,

I have a few questions about logging prozess for MDK Client. After the logging process always the popup with question "update confirm" appears even there are no changes. Can this be suppressed and appears only after code changes? (If the user logged on to client and the login token is valid this works fine).

The second question concerns the language when registering and connecting with SAP- backend. The client language in branding.json is set to 'de'. ("DefaultAppLanguage" : "de") in the app lagguage is set to 'de' but english texts are still displayed during the login process. This usually changes to 'de' language after the first login but not every time some times still 'en'. The problem the wrong language transmitted in the http header for cummnication with the SAP backend. How can I set the right language already at the registration process. I didn't really understand how it works ? (Client 5.1 ) Thank you, Robert