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Jan 19, 2021 at 04:46 AM

FI validations in combination with EWM


Hi experts,

we had some FI validations active (OB28), e.g. for specific cost centers it is only allowed to use specific movement types...

Now we activated EWM (standalone), with this it is possible to create a movement wit MIGO with cost center/movement type combination that is not allowed (from a FI validation type of view).

BUT ERP is creating the outbound delivery for EWM, we can pick/pack and post GI, delivery is coming back to ERP and then we get the error in the queue (from FI validation) as material + FI document is created with GI posting in EWM.

That seems very "incorrect" for there a way to move that check as well to delivery creation? At the end it should not be possible to create that movement