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Jan 18, 2021 at 05:41 PM

Recording of Ad-hoc additional warehouse services

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my client runs a warehouse, providing LSP services to 3rd parties. Besides normal operations like GR, picking etc. he wants to record additional activities, which might be necessary for correct storage or shipping. It includes shrink-wraping of loose cartons on pallets, which might accidentally not be properly packed, or repacking to other pallet, or other activities.

These activities are generally unplanned, but there is a fixed list of their types. Neither of these activities need any movement of the goods in the warehouse, these activities are performed in place (there is not specific work centre needed). It is necessary to record:

  • product
  • quantity
  • volume
  • weight
  • HU (if aplicable)
  • user
  • date&time

I have generally 4 approaches:

1. Warehouse Billing

This component in EWM is not able to record ad-hoc activities, unless it is initiated from an existing warehouse task. Moreover it requires very complex overhead in EWM/TM/ERP to run properly and is very poorly documented.

2. Create Indirect Labor Task (Executed Workload)

This allows to create simple record about what type of activity was performed, directly from RF device. So far so good, but it is not possible to record any relation to some HU, or to specify quantity or volume of the ILT.

3. Create internal VAS order and confirm it

This is very complex, as it requires valid PackSpec for every single product. Unfortunately these packspec cannot have multiple activities for one product and also the VAS order has only 1 activity. It doesn't allow to record diverse reasons or types of ad-hoc acitivities. Moreover it is necessary to create warehouse request for an internal VAS order, though no real movement of the goods is intended. It is just standard prerequisite...

4. Own development

Generally, I would expect this kind of business requirement comming from most of LSP warehouses and I wonder what standard solution could SAP EWM offer.

Many thanks for any thoughts!