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Jan 18, 2021 at 04:04 PM

FI Validation and Substitution (GGB0 and GGB1) in S/4 Hana system


Hello SAP Gurus,

I need to know how is working the process of Validation and Substitution on the S/4 Hana system.

In our actual SAP ERP we use the standard transaction

GGB0 and OB28---------> Validation.

GGB1 and OBBH--------->Substitution.

and then for a lot of them we have implemented user exit where we have written our z-code.

How look like in S/4 Hana this process? Will be always possible to user the transaction above and will always possible to implement a kind of user exit behind?

I tried to search a bit in Internet, I found some information under this link:

But here is mentioning the App on Fiori, my question is more on S/4 HANA GUI. Do you know any official documentation or any information about that?

Thank you in advance.