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Jan 15, 2021 at 11:22 AM

Assembly Components Pick List from Sales order to show Sub BOMs


Hi Community,

I have a few BoMs that aren't setup correctly and I need to find out how to set these.

I have 4 items that are all BoMs. 2 are production and 2 are assembly.

These 4 items make one final product.

I need to get a sales order, then print a pick list where the assembly items are listed as;
Final product x 1
Item 1
- Component 1 x 1
- Component 2 x 1
Item 2
- Component 1 x 1
- Component 3 x 1

But the Assembly Component pick list simply lists how many are needed in total without the BoM they are needed in.
- Component 1 x 2
- Component 2 x 1
- Component 3 x 1

This is very confusing for staff to work from and pack it correctly. How should this be set up so it is logical?