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Jan 14, 2021 at 03:08 PM

Beverages Production Bom with Semi-finished product with fix losses

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Genre of problem : Parameterization of master data BOM/Products

SAP version : 750 Final Release



Hello Dear SAP Community,

We encounter troubles in our company with the new Parameterization of BOMS that has Semi-finished products that has multiple usages for finished product in SAP.

Exemple : we want to produce in Calendar Week 5 from product A : 10000 Bottles and product B : 20000 Bottles.

Both of those products requires the same Semi-finished Product Y.

BOM 1 from product A requires for 10000 bottles 1500 L of Semi-finished Y

BOM 2 from product B requires for 10000 bottles 1000 L of Semi-finished Y

Both BOMS of both product A and B includes fix losses of 450 L from the Semi-finished Y.

The demand of this semi-finshed product Y would for this exemple 1500L + 450L fix losses for Product A = 1950L

The demand of this semi-finshed product Y would for this exemple 2000L + 450L fix losses for Product B = 2450L

In total we would have a demand 1950L + 2450L = 4400L

We see here the demand is 450L too high because the fix losses are calculated by SAP 2 times. Are there any standart parameterization possible from SAP to eliminate this false demand ?

Why having a Semi-finished product in 2 or more BOMS ?

The Semi-finshed Product is the same because we will fill this product in different bottle format (0.50L, 1L, 1.5L etc...)

Kind regards

Markus Hofmann