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Jan 20, 2021 at 08:51 AM

Print Label with Cascading Parameter


Hi Everyone,

i like to print a simple label with item and batch information. Therefore i made an crystalreport where the user can choose the itemcode and in the next step the filtered batchnumbers of this item. (Cascading Parameters)

Now i have the the problem, that the UI choose the rownum and not the batchnumber which i need?

When i change the "Batch"-Paramter SQL in "Batch@Select Distnumber from OBTN where itemcode = '@Item'" then will the UI changed and i got no data. :-(

Do anyone know if there i can do better?

CrystalReports 2016 SP7 - SBO 9.3 PL14 / SQL

Thank you very much and stay healthy!