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Jan 20, 2021 at 03:02 PM

Recover Crystal Reports from Legacy IQS Application


We are running a legacy version of quality system software package IQS which is now part of Cority. Our company hosts this application. It is IQS Web version sp 1 built in 2016. This application contains measurement device calibration data for several plants. The application uses Crystal Reports to access and extract data from its database. The report execution and visibility relied on Adobe Flash Player. Cority's technical IT group claimed to have a workaround for the access to the system and report generation in the post-Flash world. Unfortunately this workaround does not work. Cority is trying to determine if a fix is possible. They suggested that I contact Crystal Reports to determine if access to the database can be restored even if only on a single machine. I attempted to use the Ruffle web extension to resolve the Flash player dependence. Ruffle worked very well on many Flash-dependent sites I visited to test it, but it does not change the failure of the Crystal Reports task to run. We have several aerospace audits scheduled, including one this week, and we have absolutely no access to our measurement device calibration data. We are actively searching for a contemporary package for calibration management, but we know that we need to access and retrieve the data in the legacy IQS application. I would be grateful for any help with this vexing problem. Thanks very much.