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Jan 18, 2021 at 10:42 PM

Smartform with Last 4 pages terms & condition static text not appearing


Hi Gurus

I have PO smartforms in which 2 pages are used to display line item .And i want to add 4 new pages for terms & conditions.

I was successful to call page 3 from page 2 using command node (after main window of page 2) but similarly

But cant call page 4 from page 3 using command node.Text is displayed in page 3 in secondary window and i created main window just to add command node to call page 4 but its not working.

I even tried choosing next page from page 3 as page 4 but still its not working.

Even tried adding flowlogic and added breakpoint to check the main window of page 3 is called but breakpoint is not called.

How can i fix it.