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Jan 18, 2021 at 03:36 PM

How to move the Project from One Subaccount (Dev)to another Subaccount(Q)?


Hi All,

I am working Custom SAPUI5 Application Development. I have completed the application development in Development Subaccount and deployed to SAP Cloud Platform and Successfully registered into Cloud Launchpad. It is working .

i followed the below steps to upload the same app into Quality Subaccount. Please guide me if i am wrong.

1. I have exported the WebIDE Project into My local machine .

2. I logged inside the Quality Subaccount - Web DIE and imported the Project from the local drive folder.

3. I removed the dist folder and removed the flp-config.json file.

4. I tried to deploy it to the SAP Cloud Platform.

But i am getting the authorization issue. After the analysis, we found the root cause.

In the project, after i enabled show hidden files, inside the .che/project.json file , i can see the development subaccount id.

Should i need to delete the .che folder or project.json file?

Is it a right approach doing the manual changes on the generated files?

Please help me to do it in a recommended way of doing it.

Thank you,