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Jan 18, 2021 at 11:34 AM

How to stop PR creation in third party Orders if Credit check is exceeded?


Hi All,

What is the configuration required for stopping the PR creation in save of Third party Sales Order when Customer Credit limit is exceeded.

The solution from the older threads says to maintain Requirement routine in OVB8 or OVB5 but not sure in which screen we need to, can you pls guide?

Link of Older thread:

Which is the correct solution ?

1. OVB8(Criteria for creating Requirement for Availability in Orders) OR
2. OVB5(Req. for creating PR/Assembly for Orders)

In OVB8 there is no option to add another Routine, we need to replace the existing 101 routine with the 102, will that change the existing functionality of Order confirmation based on Availability ?

Thanks in advance!