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Jan 18, 2021 at 08:57 AM

MIGO Asset Transaction Type


How to change Asset Transaction Type during MIGO / GR using user exit/BADI/Substitution?

Which User Exit/BADI/Substitution can be used?

I know that Asset TType120 is currently maintain in the following config:

This is maintained in FI-AA Spro - Financial Accounting - Asset Accounting - Transactions - Specify Default Transaction Types

For example for GR (MIGO), the accounting transaciton is called "Acquis. from goods receipt w/o affiliated company" and the default FI-AA Transaction type is 120.

But i want to use different transaction type if the amount is smaller than certain amount for that GR line item. E.g. using TType 10X for asset below 1000EUR and TType 120 for asset above >=1000EUR.

For ABSO/ABZO posting, I can always use BAPI to pass in the TType 10X, 100 whenever I want. But in MIGO what can we do?