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Jan 15, 2021 at 08:53 PM

Business Partner default Folder Controls visibility issue after adding a custom folder

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Hi All,

I use C# dotnet technology to build my add-ons in SAP B1 using SDK . SAP B1 in my development server has been upgraded to ( SAP Business One 10.0 (10.00.140) FP 2011) recently. After upgrade to this B1 patch, it is seeing that Business Partner window behaves differently after adding a custom folder control to Business Partner window either through SDK or by xml.

Normally, When BP window is taking from the main menu , it has fewer number of folder controls namely, General, Payment Terms, Payment Run, Accounting, Remarks etc. When the form changes to OK mode/Add mode, the rest of the folder controls namely( Contact Persons, Address, Properties etc. gets added). In my add-on , I am adding a custom folder in the form load event of BP window. But in the latest B1 10 version (SAP Business One 10.0 (10.00.140) FP 2011), after adding the custom control , when I change the form to OK mode, the folders (Contact Persons, Address, Properties )are not getting displayed . But it is showing all controls if the BP window is taking from a golden link arrow click from Sales Order. Please help me on this. I use the below code to add folder control to BP window.


if ((EventEnum == SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_FORM_LOAD && pVal.FormTypeEx == "134" && pVal.BeforeAction ==false))


SAPbouiCOM.Form oForm = SBO_Application.Forms.GetForm(pVal.FormTypeEx, pVal.FormTypeCount);



oItem = oForm.Items.Add("TWBS_CC_TT",BoFormItemTypes.it_FOLDER);




oItem = oForm.Items.Item("TWBS_CC_TT");


oItem.Left = 477;

oItem.Width = 80;

oItem.Top = 6;

oItem.Height = 19;

oItem.AffectsFormMode = false;

SAPbouiCOM.Folder oFolder = (SAPbouiCOM.Folder)oForm.Items.Item("TWBS_CC_TT").Specific;

oFolder.Caption = " Credit Card ";

oForm.DataSources.UserDataSources.Add("FolderBD",BoDataType.dt_SHORT_TEXT , 1);

oFolder.DataBind.SetBound(true, "", "FolderBD");


oForm.Items.Item("TWBS_CC_TT").Visible = true;

oForm.Items.Item("TWBS_CC_TT").Enabled = true;

//SBO_Application.MessageBox("An " + EventEnum.ToString() + " has been sent by a form with the unique ID: " + FormUID, 1, "Ok", "", "");



Thanks in advance.