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Jan 15, 2021 at 09:11 AM

Recommended approach for combining data from multiple odata api's and exposing it as a single entity



For one of our customers (who's migrating to S/4HANA Cloud), I'm looking into migrating one of their existing on-premise tools to the cloud as a side-by-side extension. The tool combines: material master data (general, plant, sales org, accounting data), purchasing info record data, vendor master data, sales pricing conditions (+/- 8-9 different conditions).

In their on-premise system, I built the tool using ABAP CDS which allows them to select about 80000 records in a matter of seconds and display them on the screen for mass editing / exporting to excel. (each field in the output is filterable from the selection screen in this case, since it's a single CDS entity that's being queried)

For the cloud development I'm looking at CAP for sure as a backend service for the future Fiori app. Given the amount of data and the number of API calls I would need to put together the resulting entity (and the fact that almost every field needs to be filterable), I'm looking for some recommendations.

Some potential solutions I see:

  1. Implement the CAP service and do all the required odata api calls (I don't think this will result in a performant solution and filtering would imply that for each call all data needs to be fetched before it can be filtered => not an option in my opinion)
  2. Model as much as possible data into a custom CDS on S/4HANA Cloud (pricing data is not available using CDS's) and combine it with the remaining data using API calls (same issue with filtering, performance won't be great as well => not really an option, but better than option 1)
  3. Build some replication solution to HANA in Cloud Platform and model the data in HANA views and expose them through CAP. (filtering issue solved, performance should be great => but additional work to build the replication solution)

Any advice on how to proceed with this solution? Are there SAP-provided real-time replication solutions available between S/4HANA Cloud and SAP HANA Cloud for this purpose? (I did find some information about HANA Smart Data Integration, but it's not really clear to me if this is an option S/4HANA Cloud and HANA Cloud and if it's possible to replicate e.g. custom views)

Best regards,

Geert-Jan Klaps