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Jan 14, 2021 at 11:39 PM



I have a key figure called KF1@KF1@ MTHPRODLOC I want to copy the value of that KF to a different KF called KF2@MTHPRODLOCLOCFR. Now in this case KF2@MTHPRODLOCLOCFR will have 2 entries in the source location MDT. one such records will be having LOC3 location as the LOCFR and the other record let say have LOC4 as the LOCFR attribute. What I am exactly looking for is value from KF1@ MTHPRODLOC should first get copied to KF2 at the MTHPRODLOC level, let say using copy operator and then the KF2 will dissagg the value to the correct LOCFR level, where i don't have the indicator X in the attribute "Location Source Invalid" in the SOURCELOCATION MDT. So the value of KF1 should be saved in KF2 at the level where my LOCFR is LOC3 location as I haven't maintained X in the attribute "Location Source Invalid".

I know how to use the Dissagg operator to achieve this. What I am looking for is could thier be any other way that we can achieve the same result using attribute transformation or writing complex dissagg expression or something else like using source or target conversion feature in the planning level in KF2 so that the value is saved without using any operator.

Even I tried to use advance copy operator using the attribute section where I said LOCFR = LOC3 at the target KF. But the copy operator is not updating the values even though it executes successfully without any error or warnings.

Let the best minds come together in this virtual platform as see what we can come up with.

Special request to Irmhild Kuntze and Matheus Korndoerfer for your suggestions.