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Jan 20, 2021 at 12:17 PM

CAP Project and SAP Hana Cloud - modifying data from existing schema


Hi everyone!

We're new to CAP and have a setup of SAP Hana Cloud in Cloud Foundry and have issues accessing/modifying data in an existing schema's table from Node.js CAP app. Actually OData read/query works and successfully fetches the data from another schema. This we achieved with using a synonym.

Read result "/srv1/varastopaikka":

{"@odata.context":"$metadata#varastopaikka","value":[{"STORLOC":"A001","PT_GEOJSON":"{\"type\": \"Point\", \"coordinates\": [500600, 670000]}","PT_WKT":"POINT (500600 670000)"},{"STORLOC":"A204","PT_GEOJSON":"{\"type\": \"Point\", \"coordinates\": [535443, 6762554]}","PT_WKT":"POINT (535443 6762554)"},{"STORLOC":"A321","PT_GEOJSON":"{\"type\": \"Point\", \"coordinates\": [532531, 6780873]}","PT_WKT":"POINT (532531 6780873)"}]}

However, any modification is throwing error "insufficient privilege":

"2021-01-19T08:42:19.55+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT [cds] - POST /srv1/varastopaikka
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR [2021-01-19T06:42:19.687Z | ERROR | 1102525]: { Error: insufficient privilege: Detailed info for this error can be found with guid '...'
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR at Socket.<anonymous>
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR at Socket.emit (events.js:198:13)
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR at addChunk (_stream_readable.js:288:12)
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:269:11)
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR at Socket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:224:10)
2021-01-19T08:42:19.68+0200 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR at Pipe.onStreamRead [as onread] (internal/stream_base_commons.js:94:17) code: 258, sqlState: 'HY000', query: 'INSERT INTO ...( STORLOC, PT_GEOJSON ) VALUES ( ?, ? )', values: [ [ 'A004', '{"type": "Point", "coordinates": [500000, 6000000]}' ] ], numericSeverity: 4 }"

We are not using .hdbgrants file which I assume is needed. (For some peculiar? reason reading the data from table is working without. Also I cannot find the synonym anywhere when looking from SAP Hana Database Explorer).

However, when we try to add that (after creating the roles manually in DB) into the project, we get error:
"grantor and grantee are identical".

hdbgrants file:
"capspatial-db": {
"object_owner": {
"container_roles": [
"application_user": {
"container_roles": [

Any suggestions what we're missing?


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