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Former Member
Feb 16, 2017 at 08:18 PM

TabletPC not supported in PB 12.6


Looking over the release notes for PB 12.6, it states that "TabletPC" is not supported. What exactly does that mean? I have been using PB 12.5.2 and one of our applications runs on Windows Tablet PCs. Looking at the help files in PB 12.6 all the Tablet functions seem to be there.

Unsupported Features These features are not supported: 
● COM+ runtime ● Machine code generation ● TabletPC ● PBNI SDK for developing 64-bit PowerBuilder extensions ● DataWindow RichText style column ● DataWindow Web control for ActiveX ● Status bar ● Grid table ● ClearAll() function ● Clear(true) function ● Change Pointer does not work on RichTextEdit controls ● Mouse wheel does not scroll a RichTextEdit page ● Application server support Also, if you select Properties in the RichTextEdit Object Dialog popup menu, the application crashes if you select the Print Spec tabpage and click OK

This is listed on the top of page 10 of the following file...