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Jan 19, 2021 at 04:24 PM

Custom Media field cannot be updated using SmartEdit editor



I am updating a SAP Commerce v.1808 so SmartEdit can be used. I have a custom cmsComponent with an attribute called "backgroundImage".


<itemtype code="MyCMSElement" extends="SimpleCMSComponent" jaloclass="...">
    <description>My custom component</description>
        <attribute qualifier="backgroundImage" type="localized:CMSMedia">
            <persistence type="property"/>
            <description>Holds the media for the background of the element</description>

In the SmartEdit component editor I can see and interact with such field after I added the populator to my spring.xml file.


<bean class="de.hybris.platform.cmsfacades.types.service.impl.DefaultComponentTypeAttributeStructure" p:typecode="MyCMSElement" p:qualifier="backgroundImage">
    <property name="populators">
            <ref bean="mediaComponentTypeAttributePopulator" />


However, the field appears empty in every language, as if not media is selected yet (while in backoffice I can see it is correctly filled). I can select a new media in SmartEdit and save the editor and apparently it works and no errors are shown, but the new media is not being stored in the field.


Any ideas of what I'm missing? I'm following the documentation about creating a custom component so it can be used in SmartEdit but I cannot find what I'm lacking.

Thanks in advance.