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Jan 18, 2021 at 02:34 PM

Visualization showing details of a single selection

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Hi All,

I dont understand how to frame this question. But i will try my best to explain the scenario and i need your thoughts or ideas please.

I am building dashboard (story) for a specific loan number. Whenever a user selects a loan number (from filter at the top) he should be able to see all the details related to that loan number in the canvas.

Details for ex


Remaining Term, Grace Period, Name, Name 2, Mailing Address, Mailing Address 2, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone Number etc


Loan Balance, Total Due, Total Fees, Interest Rate, Latest DSCR etc

As of now these details are available in a table in Webi. But as we are building dashboard in SAC user doesnt want to see these details again in a table in SAC. He wants to see his data in some fancy visualizations (charts).

To summarize user always selects/filters out a single loan number and he wants all the loan related details in some chart. I couldnt think of any charts that can show this info. Generally i feel charts are for comparisons, trends, co-relation etc.

Here no comparisons or trends. Its only single loan number and he wants to see its details.

PS: i know this is more broader question. But let me know how you will handle these kind of scenarios.


K Deshmukh