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Jan 17, 2021 at 10:11 AM

sap.fe v4 Multiple Views on List Report Tables



trying to use multiple view on list report, i ran into a SAP Fiori Tools bug and created an issue for it:

31626 / 2021 SAP Fiori Tools removes used code from manifest

Also, the SAPUI5 SDK links for this currently lacks of content (or issue?):

but i got it running,using using a manifest.json like this

"views": {
  "showCounts": true,
  "paths": [{
    "key": "tab1",
    "annotationPath": ""
  }, {
    "key": "tab2",
    "annotationPath": ""

Generelly i would like to do this without tabs using the SegmentButton, but currently the docu lacks how to do this.

My question and problem is, that the used filters in the SelectionVariant are removed from FilterBar

        SelectionVariant #Open                 : {
            Text          : '{i18n>OpenView}',
            SelectOptions : [{
                $Type        : 'UI.SelectOptionType',
                PropertyName : status_code,
                Ranges       : [{
                    $Type  : 'UI.SelectionRangeType',
                    Option : #LT,
                    Low    : 11,
                    Sign   : #I

using something like this, the former available status_code filter with a valuehelp will not be shown anymore.

If i read the documentation right, this should not be the case. I would expect, that the filter in the filter bar will just use/show the applied filter.

Is this the intended behavior of the filter view, to remove used filters, a missuse from my side or maybe a bug.

I was also adding the **Sign** annotation to get rid ofd the tooling warning from the SAP Fiori Tools. All the SDK docus do not use it and i think **I** option will be the default. Maybe that needs to be addressed to the tooling.

This behavior is not only affecting ranges, using another view like

SelectionVariant #HighPrio             : {
            Text          : '{i18n>HighPriorityView}',
            SelectOptions : [{
                $Type        : 'UI.SelectOptionType',
                PropertyName : priority_code,
                Ranges       : [{
                    $Type  : 'UI.SelectionRangeType',
                    Option : #EQ,
                    Low    : 3,
                    Sign   : #I

also the **priority_code** filter will be removed from FilterBar.


1) If this behavior is intended, is it possible to use multiple views while still showing all SelectionFields on the ListReport FilterBar in MulipleTableMode?

2) How can i use SingleTableMode for this (or is this maybe currently not supported with SAPUI5 1.85.x)?

Best Regards