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Jan 15, 2021 at 08:23 PM

Replacing system in AO for few sheets



We have AO work books which are formatted with layout. They have multiple sheets comes from two different Bex reports sourced from single BW system.

We have recently migrated our BW system to new BW4HANA system in which only one Bex query is migrated to BW4HANA.

I would like to replace the work book ie One query from old system source(BICs connection X) where as second query from new BW4HANA system(BICS connections Y) keeping the same format.

I have noticed there is option to replace system but this is trying to replace the whole Work book.

Is there any way to select only the selected sheet(Data source)need to be replace with new connection?

There is option to change Data source but using this option, i am loosing the format because the connection name is changed.

Any suggestion please?




replace.png (8.9 kB)