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Jan 15, 2021 at 10:53 AM

Sales analyses from multiple groups (article tab)



Can someone please help me make a query. Or maybe link to another thread (I already searched but couldn't find any).

The standard sales analysis report allows only to choose one group or all groups. I need a sales report for multiple groups from the tab items.

When the query starts I need to fill in the following:

Date: sales results start date - sales results end date (example: 01-01-20 - 31-12-20)

Groups: Select the multiple item groups (example: vegetables - bread - candy - meat)

The results must be a follow:

Show ALL customers, also who haven't bought anything - so I gues LEFT JOIN shoud be used

Customer Code

Customer Name

Total sales from the selected groups (vegetables - bread - candy - meat)

Thanks for the help!