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Jan 14, 2021 at 01:46 PM

SAP Information Steward won't launch from SAP BI Launchpad, says "Loading.."


I've recently installed SAP Information Steward (4.2 SP14 P5) and it works fine through the Information Steward web application however I am not able to access it through the BI Launchpad (4.2 SP8 P5 - which is stated as compatible in the IS/DS/IPS PAM). When I try either of: Launching Information steward from "My Applications" or try the "View Lineage" or "View Metapedia" option dialog on Web Intelligence documents, I receive a "Loading" pop-up window which goes no further.

Both the Integrator login account used in the IPS CMC BI Launchpad configuration and user account testing this functionality are in the administrators groups so it wouldn't strike me as a security problem.

Are there any ideas / suggestions why this might not be working?